Open Interest – February 7th expiration

Here are your weekly open interest graphs for those addiction stocks you love.  As always, these are meant to be used in conjunction with your other technical analysis tools. If you have questions on how to interpret them please read the posts in the Education section of my website before asking me. Thank you.

For SPY, IWM, QQQ and XLF open interest see here.

For BIDU, LNKD, YELP, and TWTR, all of which report this week see here.

AAPL: Same comment I always have…..chronic disappointment. If you have been burned by this stock time after time then stop trying to get revenge and move on to a different stock. She won.aapl.1.31

AMZN: All the valuation guys can now feel whole again. I would let it do it’s thing for a while before touching it, but that’s just me.


CMG: Most people didn’t see that coming!


FB: Consider yourself lucky when there are dips. FB.1.31

GOOG: Does anyone think outside of the box when buying options?


NFLX: Well I guess someone isn’t a believer of NFLX being over 400. NFLX.1.31

PCLN: Looks like GOOG is stealing her thunder.


TSLA: Beast.