Open Interest for Momentum Stocks – OPEX March 7th

The following are the open interest graphs for March 7th expiration on $AAPL $AMZN $BIDU $CMG $FB $GOOG $LNKD $NFLX $PCLN $SCTY $TSLA and $TWTR. For further understanding of how to make use of these please read What is Maxpain and visit the education section of my site.

For SPY, IWM, QQQ, & XLF open interest and market comments for next week see here.

A note in general on these. I don’t see much edge with any of them going into next week until we see how they act at the start of the week. My concentration will likely be on other stocks.

AAPL: It looked like it regained strength toward the end of the week. Needs to get through 530 (earlier in week the better). aapl.2.28

AMZN: I’m still a believer, but damn why is everyone piling into the 365’s. Maybe it was someone who is in the know? If not and it stalls next week then GRRR. AMZN.2.28

BIDU: I like this longer term, but I don’t know over the next couple weeks. bidu.2.28

CMG: Finally broke out on Friday. It could be just the start or it could continue to stall. Very hard to play this stock given the spreads and constant false breakouts. CMG.2.28

FB: I mentioned exiting FB here and for now I am still staying out. FB.2.28

GOOG: I’m neutral about it right now. GOOG.2.28

LNKD: Neutral into next week, but if it drops, 195 may became a magnet. LNKD.2.28

NFLX: Neutral here too. If it drops 435 may act as support, but enough selling pressure can override it. NFLX.2.28

PCLN: Neutral. pcln.2.28

SCTY: Official earnings Monday. SCTY.2.28

TSLA: Neutral. TSLA.2.28

TWTR: I will be keeping a close eye on this one as I see it as more favorable than the others next week. We’ll see. TWTR.2.28