Updated Open Interest for December 27th Opex

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday. Here is your updated open interest for expiration this Friday.


SPY: Staying over 181 I think gives SPY much more upside potential. If falls below 181 then good chances of a 180 – 181 pin.


AAPL: Oddly, the 560 calls didn’t close out on Tuesday. The 570, 575, and 580 all increased. The 560 wonders are obviously looking for more upside Thursday and Friday.


AMZN: It’s been consolidating well around the 400 level, which is also where the highest puts and calls currently sits. I think it easily could break to one side, especially in this low volume environment, but currently see no edge.


BIDU: It’s recently beens struggling to break out. Unless there is something we don’t know, I think it’s only a matter of time. And if it does breakout, the call open interest usually doesn’t stop it.


FB: I think it definitely has a chance to get to that 60 strike. Momentum has so far been behind it this week.


GOOG: It’s currently above the highest strike of 1,105. It’s sitting close to all time highs and looks great.


NFLX: A bit of a slow mover lately. So far the 380 level (also where highest calls are) is keeping it back. Once it gets past there I think it will be quick to 400.


TSLA: Just like last week it got over 150, but then started to fall back down. There is a lot of calls lined up from 150 on. A short squeeze can trump them, but without that momentum it may stall out again this week.


TWTR: What can I really say here? It’s a beast and the call owners are closing out, taking profits, and   rolling up it seems. Highest strike now at at 70 followed closely by 75 so it may stall out for the rest of the week. Having said that, if it’s really under intense accumulation before year end then maybe it won’t.