Bird Down, Market Sloppy & LNKD Tomorrow – Feb 5th


  • Market made a new low and then had a decent bounce. Was it the bottom? Who knows. Tomorrow the ECB decides on rates and Friday is jobs #’s. Both can be catalysts.
  • TWTR beat, but currently trading lower. We’ll see how long they stay in the penalty box for.
  • P also beat and trading lower; I think on guidance. GS was super bullish so now they can buy it lower.
  • YELP another beat and after bouncing around unchanged is currently up a bit.
  • There was heavy call buying of the April 90 QQQ‘s today. But who knows if it means anything. Those weekly 181 SPY buyers obviously had it wrong so….
  • KO is taking a 10% stake in GMCR
  • LNKD reports tomorrow. Current weekly IV is 140%. Options pricing in + or – $20.7. Here is open interest not including options traded today. lnkd.2.4
  • Chart of the day: If you had a bad day at least you didn’t own DDD. If you did, then sorry :-(. Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 4.38.10 PM
  • Tweet of the day: no one made me laugh today. Step it up people.
  • Remember all last year when people kept saying “the market is never going to go down.” Well…..