Market Wants to Eat You Alive – SassyMusings 3/25/14


  • If the market feels like it is biting your head off and eating it alive, you aren’t alone.
  • The BEST thing to do is wait it out or at least trade very small.
  • The momentum and bio stocks being beaten down is bearish, yet the indexes are doing a good job hiding that.
  • So will rotation keep the market propped up or are we in for a lot more downside? Be patient trading while we find out. If there is rotation, financials, energy, semiconductors and old tech may be some of the beneficiaries.
  • Tomorrow the Fed releases more info on bank reserves and possible buybacks or dividends could be announced. They looked like crap today, but maybe that was intentional.
  • TWTR still taking a beating, but at least it’s in good company.
  • AAPL, like the child that never wants to play with the other children has been doing her own thing.
  • Seriously, what is up with old tech, IBMCSCOHPQ, MSFT. Crazy. Maybe that is why AAPL is doing well :-).
  • Keep your eye on TRLA. It’s been holding up rather nicely while the other momentum stocks have been selling off.
  • Treasures can’t make up their mind as to whether Yellen’s interest rate hike is for real or not.
  • Basically, what I’m trying to say here is nothing makes any sense.
  • Chart of the day: I posted this last night and it’s still relevant.Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.48.07 PM
  • Tweet of the dayScreen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.24.21 PM
  • I now have my premium service page updated with some information if you have not already seen it or reached out to me. At the end of the week I will have a place to sign up for it on my website.

Have a good night. If you live in NE, enjoy Springtime in the snow :-/