Market Wrap-up Jan 27th

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Ichan is currently playing darts with Tim Cook’s head.

Doug finally got something right with his AAPL call (so far) and has been possessed by the gloating monster.

Cat rose over 6% today and is trying to mind f$#k us by getting us to believe China isn’t THAT bad.

Biotechs (IBB) fell to levels we haven’t seen since January 9th (preposterous right?).

Banks are barely holding on and seem a bit oversold down here. I got long a bit of BAC and C into weakness today.

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FB is hiring editors to start delivering news that they think we should be reading via a new application according to Re/code (one can only imagine what they think we should be reading). Article here.

According to @WallStJesus these are today’s unusual call volume:  $INSM $SIMO $SVU $ODTI $PFG $AON $STLD $CLFD $SSW $GTAT $TWX $CBS $CALL $CTSH $PCAR $KKR

And unusual put volume: $CRIS $OSTK $EPI $ARMH $MPC $ORLY $INFI $SOCL $BDX $BBVA

The NYSE McClellan Oscillator is at -54.13, a level we have seen short-term bottoms before; however, it could still go further before being severely oversold. Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.08.05 PM

New highs versus new lows is also at a level we have seen short-term bottoms, but still could go a bit lower.Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.10.06 PM

Retailers such as DECK and KORS don’t look too bad. Keep an eye on them if we get into rally mode. LULU on the other hand can’t catch a break even though I swear I wear them everyday.

It would be nice if I could get a one day break from having to update Think or Swim.

Ludicrous call of the night- I say today’s low marks the bottom for now.



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  1. HarryWanger says:

    A couple of things I agree with:

    Strongly agree that it would be insanely nice to not get an update from TOS. Last big one was a nightmare.

    I do think today’s low is the bottom near term. I actually think we could see a crazy rip higher either Tues or Wed.

    Thanks for the blog.