Relentless Selling & Relentless Snowing – February 3rd


Our CareBear of 2013 is our DevilBear of 2014

Man, there was just no break from the selling today (and if you live in NYC) there was no break from the snowing. Both are annoying. Best thing to do today was the opposite of what I thought…should have shorted everything. Well I’m done looking for a bottom. Maybe it was today, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe everyone needs to stop looking for a bottom for it to come. I’m still just sticking to keeping it light and swing trading what I deem are healthier boring stocks (backed by fundamentals). I stopped myself out of a few names today that I mentioned Friday under stock ideas. I will update them later…..

  • Gotta hand it to Keith. You may not like him, but he was one of the only guys definitively saying we were going lower as opposed to just saying he was cautious.
  • Seems nobody wants to let go of their TWTR stock before earnings.
  • Even biotechs (IBB) couldn’t stay up today….yet AAPL finally hung in there. Go figure.
  • Chart of Day: depositphotos_6285134-Funny-cartoon-businessman-falls-from-the-chart
  • Tweet of Day:

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 4.09.06 PM

Have a drink (or more) tonight.