Sassy Musings Jan 29, 2014 – Farewell Dear Ben


We need to bring back the bubble talk…

  • The Fed cut 10 billion as expected. Guess we have to rely on the economy now. Good news is good, bad is bad?
  • Everyone sees and is waiting for the head and shoulders to play out right? Ok got it. Was just making sure.
  • My ludicrous call from Monday night was a failure….we breached the lows by 2 points today. What shall tomorrow bring? No idea, but still think lows are close. That’s probably the problem; too many people think that. 
  • FB beat and is currently trading up close to 9%. Apparently people are clicking on mobile ads. Maybe they are butt clicking.
  • GOOG is up over 2% because they are nearing a deal with Lenovo for the sale of their Motorola unit. Who cares that they are selling it for a markdown of 9.5 billion. Peanuts.
  • I didn’t make many changes today. Call me crazy, but I added to my losing C position. BAC still looks good. Yesterday’s chart of the day, ALGN mildly went up. You guys didn’t help me out by buying AOL, but I’m a believer in @WallStJesus’ #WISEGUYS. Speaking of Jesus, here are the unusual call buys he posted today: $TSRA $CFN $CSII $MYL $AMH $ALTR. And unusual puts: $CYOU $SMH $CAR $OVTI $ISIL $KRE $BURL $CRTX.
  • Tweet of the Day:

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.40.32 PM

  • Chart of the Day: yeah, would’ve, should’ve, could’ve…next.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.38.07 PM

  • For those looking to understand more about how the Greeks work in relation to options, @SJosephBurns tweeted this post which has videos explaining them.
  • AMZN, CMG and GOOG  report tomorrow.
  • AMZN‘s weekly IV is currently at 106%. The options market is pricing in a + or – move of $28. Here is the updated open interest.amzn.1.29


  • CMG‘s weekly IV is at 106%. The options market is pricing in a + or – move of $35.50  Here is the updated open interest.cmg.1.29


  • GOOG‘s weekly IV is 89%. The options market is pricing in a + or – move of $68. Here is the updated open interest (FYI: I purposely left out the 1200’s because with over 8,000 calls there it skews the entire graph and every other strike looks irrelevant).goog.1.29

Currency issues run amok. The Yen may hold your future….