Open Interest for Momentum Stocks – Feb 28th OPEX

The following are the open interest graphs for February 28th expiration on $AAPL $AMZN $FB $GOOG $LNKD $NFLX $PCLN $TSLA and $TWTR. For further understanding of how to make use of these please read What is Maxpain and visit the education section of my site.

To see SPY open interest and market commentary for next week see here.

To see open interest for BIDUFSLRSCTY, and SINA, all of which report next week see here.

AAPL: Looks as if the accelerated buybacks are over. It seems that and Icahn were the only things keeping price up. I find it hard to believe it has much more downside from here, but who knows.


AMZN: I admit it doesn’t look pretty and perhaps it needs a flush out; however, I maintain my thoughts that sometime soon it will suddenly get going and then make a big move when all those waiting for lower prices realize they aren’t coming.


FB: I’ve been saying to buy all dips. The WhatsApp news provided one. There has recently been a lot of bullish activity in the March calls and thus far the market is voicing approval for the acquisition. After more of the news is digested over the weekend it will be interesting to see in what direction FB goes. I still maintain that all dips should be bought, although my hope is for  a gap up and go Monday.fb.2.21

GOOG: I think this consolidation around 1200 is bullish. Dips should be bought.


LNKD: Last week I said that it would likely catch a bounce, but didn’t view it as worth playing. I still don’t see any good risk/reward plays here and will likely stay away.


NFLX: So far investors taking the news of Icahn dumping half of his shares in stride. Trend still intact, yet for some reason I have been staying away and probably will continue to even if I miss upside. nflx.2.21

PCLN: Seriously, what a beast. Had a great quarter. Guidance wasn’t stellar, but that didn’t stop price pushing higher as well as analysts tripping over themselves to up their price targets Friday morning. pcln.2.21

TSLA: Douggie against Musk….ha, enough said. I will be interested in seeing where short interest is once it’s updated this week. Although it will not include the changes in short interest post earnings unfortunately. tsla.2.21

TWTR: I’m still longer term bullish and short term neutral. twtr.2.21




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