• The following is for the full premium subscription; strategy session info is below.
  •  Access to my private twitter feed where I will post all of my trades (entries and exits) in real time. I do not simply post set-ups, I post my actual trade.
  • Commentary throughout the day about the overall health of the market and where it will likely be going near term. This will also include ETF trades.
  • A weekly post analyzing the market and the game plan for the following week.
  • A weekly analysis on open interest and technicals for high momentum stocks (AAPL, AMZN, BABA, FB, GOOGL, GS, NFLX, TSLA, ETC). This is very helpful in determining the risk/reward for long and short trades as well as the best place to try to get in or for those that members that like to sell spreads. They are updated daily as well.
  • This service is very helpful for new traders and experienced traders. New traders will get to understand what I look at and how I trade. Experienced traders get a helpful eye on the market and a keen sense for big option moves.
  • The price is $149.95 per month as you remain on recurring subscription. You will also be grandfathered into that price as long as you remain active. You will receive access for one full month from the date that you sign up. You will be able to cancel at any time, but will not be refunded or pro-rated for the month you paid.

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Weekly Open Interest and Strategy Session Post:

  • Includes open interest analysis on high beta momentum stocks.
  • Includes technical levels to trade against for each of those stocks.
  • It is valid for the current week only. Access is for five days or until the week ends because then the post is no longer relevant
  • Does not include daily updates, private twitter access, or trade alerts
  • This is best for traders that aren’t interested in the full service, but want a guide for the momentum stocks to trade on their own.
  • The price is $14.99. It is a one time payment with no recurring fees and no refunds.
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