Mayday! Mayday! We are Falling #SassyMusings 3/11/14

Bulls are out partying right now...they need a little down time (put intended).

Bulls are out partying right now…they need a little down time (put intended).

  • First and foremost, I had my first contribution to TheStreet today. I have no idea if I will continue to write for them, but I thought I would give it at try. Will you do me a favor and click on it so that it gets some traffic please? My-Street-article-click-me. Thanks 🙂
  • As I mentioned this weekend, the market will likely remain rangebound for a bit. Having said that, I think part of the range will be some more downside this week. How far down? I’m not sure. Maybe 185 or 183. Or maybe I will be wrong and we will go higher. Either way I’m holding my swing longs (that haven’t stopped me out) and puts in SPY, WYNN, & NFLX. And for those of you that know me, you know that is rare.
  • I did say last night and again this morning (cause I’m shamelessly promoting myself more than once) that if 188 broke, it would likely lead to more selling. When 188 broke the second time today is when I bought my puts. Longer term I still think higher (the market is just taking a break here).
  • Even though I’m hoping NFLX will go down, I am looking forward to watching episode 2 of House of Cards (season 2) tonight. I know, I’m slow….but I’m busy blogging and charting.
  • TWTR was down today (the service not the stock) and I suddenly didn’t know what I was doing anymore. How would we ever survive?
  • I had a feeling those FB calls mentioned last night (the ones that hadn’t closed yet) would be an issue.
  • Speaking of call options worrying me. I love TWTR, but it may stall due to all those calls I also mentioned last night.
  • I bought DLPH and WSH today (I tweeted both charts earlier).
  • Chart of the day: I have no position and I never did, but since EVERYONE is talking about it, here you go, PLUG.Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.57.09 PM
  • Tweet of the day: No one made me laugh today :-(.
  • In other news: Starting April I will be starting a subscription. Part of it will involve the type of analysis you have already seen by me, but it will also include a lot more (yes I know, I know, everyone is starting one, but I’m a business gal and sassy). If it’s something you would be interested in learning more about please email me at 

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  1. Harjot says:

    Sure, would love to hear more about your subscription service – please keep me posted.

  2. JB says:

    I see you launched on a standard momentum play with DLPH today as it cleared consolidation and resistance. I’m always amazed at the courage to jump into a position that acts strong on a day most of the market is join south. Isn’t it more likely that the general market trend would weigh down today’s breakout stock? Of course if the general market turns around tomorrow, this will skyrocket even higher no doubt. When does the general market composure keep you from entering a breakout trade like this? Thanks