What you do is quite unique, i.e. using options open interest as an aid in short-term trading. I don’t know anyone else who does it as systematically or as well as you do. You should be given a PhD in Finance for your work (seriously). 



Hi Rachel,

I wanted to send some feedback and say Wow and Thanks for the great calls especially this week. I’ve tried many “options services” in the past but your style, strategy and methodology is a perfect fit for what I was looking for. Keep up the amazing job and looking forward to more amazing calls 🙂

Again I have been trading options for years without real success, your approach and timing is fantastic and want to learn more.
Hi Rachel

Fantastic trades last few days. I was in AMZN, FB, LNKD and I am still in TWTR.
So happy to be in your service. Congratulations!


Rachel –

I’ve subscribed to different advisories at various times over the past couple of years to get a look at the various strategies used by the traders.   I’ve usually only stuck around a few months once I knew if they fit my style or not.  Your service, in my opinion, is hands down better than any I’ve paid for and it’s not even close.  I plan on maintaining my membership indefinitely.




Thanks for your input. I have wasted a lot of $$$ on services in recent years, but in all honesty you’re one of the only real traders out there. So many are more concerned with subscriber growth and not taking care of the clients they already have, bragging about wins, yet disappearing when the market turns against them. I think I speak for many when I say that you are always here for us. I just wish I had found you sooner. Cheers!
Lady, you’ve called the bottom of the market at least twice during my subscription and I made more than the price of it because of your market commentary on the 5th. Your service is invaluable and when I’m settled in my new employment you will see me back on your list. In short….you are not charging enough!
Hello Rachel,
Just wanted to say after my first week as a subscriber, I am more than pleased with your service. I like that your twitter feed does not contain any commentary that is not directly from you, as it keeps the stream free of clutter and easy to review. I like that the trade signals have a different image/avatar so they are simple to find, and I also enjoy that you update throughout the trading day even if you are not actively entering trades. It shows that you take your work seriously and that you are actually trading the set ups that you are suggesting to others, so thank you for that. I am by no means a beginning trader, but I do work full time, so its nice to have someone else keeping an eye on the market while I’m in and out of my office. Your analysis this week also provoked my to exit some of my longer term short positions and go long a few things as well, and I’m certainly glad I did. You are doing a fine job, so keep it up!


Rachel, You rock!  I know how goofy it is to talk about our good trades but I’ve got to tell you that you killed it for me on Googl – $3k in Calls from yesterday, $63k today.  If you’re ever in Seattle, I owe you many beers/margaritas/whatever!



Hi Rachel, I really want to let you know how I appreciate your insight, your clear instruction for entry & exit. BMRN, SCTY, FSLR, TWTR….etc too many to mention. Those are all explosive calls. I benefit a lot and the most important thing is I DID NOT stay on the wrong side. I bought lots of puts in the past and lost money :-(.  Subscription was very well spent. Cheers. 




Hey Rachel, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service. Before I would say trade options, mostly weekly ones and even though I was making money, using your service makes it a lot less stressful. You’ve made me a smarter trader and words can’t describe how much I appreciate your service. I have learned so much so fast.



Hey Rachel,
Best move I have made over the past 2 weeks was to sign up
for your service – I have been a futures/options trader for the past 8 years and
spend most of my days trading the CHOP using proprietary strategies and systems
– as a result I rarely focus on the medium or long term investment horizon – I
signed up with you not knowing what to expect but hoping to see new
opportunities – I find your market insights/trade setups/intra-day observations
and ongoing analysis of open interest to be truly invaluable.  My only critique of your premium service is
that you may have underpriced it (can’t believe I just said that); as the
information you provide – when put in the right hands – can be used very


IMHO the minimum essential info required to trade with a service are
1. Timely buy tweets
2. Risk cautions when necessary
3, Estimates of holding periods
4. Timely sell tweets
A+ Super job on all four

Extras while not essential for a trade including set ups, thoughts
behind them, market analysis, changes & additions to watch lists, etc
are value added items that serve to educate us on the intricacies of
your unique trading style as well as trading in general.
Again A+ Super Job